Seized Maggi samples are sent for test. The food safety wing seized the samples of maggi and sent to the laboratory to confirm the reports in a few days.

Seized Maggi samples are sent for test

Seized Maggi samples are sent for test

The Indian food safety wing of the health department seized one sample of Maggi noodles at Bhagalpur and two from Muzaffarpur on Tuesday. They also grabbed the five more samples of different batches from Maggi’s depot at Deedarganj, which is located in Patna City. Not only the noodles, the health department kept an eye on the milk powder cans which are manufactured by Nestle. The food safety official Mukesh Kashyap said we are going to test each and every product which is manufactured by Nestle.

Reason to seize Maggi

All the samples are collected from different batches. The food safety lab has ordered to give the reports as early as possible. Normally it takes a couple of weeks to give the reports on a product. Now we are testing the samples collected from different batches whether they contain lead and Mono Sodium Glutamate beyond the permissible limit, food safety official Sudama Prasad said.

If the lead is present in any of the food product more than permissible limit, it can cause gastrointestinal problems and make digestion difficult. A taste enhancer can cause hypertension, nausea and may lead to have a vomiting like sensation, said by Archana Mishra who is a dietician.

About Maggi

The food safety had instructed to collect the samples of Maggi from each district. It is the duty of all district level officers to do this job.Not only in Patna, the food safety wing has seized the samples of Maggi noodles in Delhi, Karnataka and Uttarkhand. The Maggi is an international brand which is famous for making instant soups, ketchups, instant noodles etc. It was owned by Nestle in 1947, which is a Switzerland company founded by Julius Maggi in 1872. Nestle has 39% market in Malaysia and 60% share in India. It was the first instand noodle brand.