Shivanagam Tamil Review

Shivanagam is a mythological thriller movie in Tamil. The movie was released in three South Indian languages i.e., Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.  It is a high budget movie and the graphics used in the film need special mention.  The movie is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna who is an ace director of such fantasy films and Rohit Kannan who is a debutant.  The movie is produced by Sajid Qureshi.  The movie stars Dignath and Ramya in the lead roles.  The movie has got many aspects that attract the moviegoer to run to the theatres and one such extraordinary aspect is that this movie shows diseased Vishnuvardhan in a pivotal role.  The makers have used 20 crores just to recreate the diseased lender actor Vishnuvardhan on the big screen.   The music and BG were scored by Gurukiran.  The movie has hit the screens on 14th October all across the world in thousands of centers.


Shivanagam Storyline

Shivanagam movie starts with a flashback in which Naganika played by Ramya belong to a family that is assigned to protect an ancient lord Shiva monument. Her forefathers have been protecting the monument from years and it is her turn now, but due to an evil man named Tantrik Kapali played by Rajesh Vivek Upadhya she ends up dying.  All his forefathers try to distract the protectors of the monument from years.  While dying Naganika takes an oath that she will come back to take revenge on him for what he has done and also to protect the monument.  She reincarnates as Manasa in her next life who is a snake woman.  She protects the monument as a snake woman.

Shivanagam Review

The movie is about the snake and lord Shiva monument.  Kodi Ramakrishna has made his comeback after delivering super hit film like Arundathi years ago.  He is the king of fantasy movies and has almost all his projects have done tremendously well at the box office. Now he has come up with Shivanagam, which is handled very well.  Though the story is nothing new, the way the director handled the plot is quite amusing to watch.  In the flick there will be a 120 foot snake that will protect the monument of Shiva in the flick.  The monument of lord Shiva was showcased so very well.  The high budget graphics did come out well on the big screen.  The recreating of diseased superstar Vishnuvardhan is like a magic spelled by the graphics.  He will be seen in a cameo role and it is a pleasure to watch him though the role is confined to be small.

Shivanagam Movie Public Talk

The movie received positive talk on its first day.  The movie has got everything that a moviegoer expects from.

First day collections

This heavy budget movie has made pretty much good collection on its first day.  We will update the exact collections soon.

Rating  3/5