Is Shruthi Hassan married?

While we hear about the divorces and break-ups in the B town being the talk of town, Hrithik-Suzzanne’ Farhan-Aduna; Mallaika-Arbaz; Sushanth-Ankita;  there have been some good news as well. Recently, BipashaBasu tied the knot with Karan singhgrover who has been doing this for the third time now. Anyways, we pray that this marriage sustains for a longer period of time.

Also, the big news is regarding the marriage of Shruthi Hassan. Yes! Shruthi Hassan is married, at least as per her pictures in Instagram.

Is Shruthi Hassan married

Recently, Shruthi Hassan posted a picture of her’s and her husband with a tweet,’Game of Thrones lunch with my dearest husband @ashesinwind ‘ In the comment box, a lot of fans have shown confused state of mind and enthusiasm at the same time whether it was a joke or something very serious. But before that, let me tell you who Is that lucky guy who have been referred as the ‘husband’ in the tweet. Its Niranjan Iyer. One did not have any kind of clue regarding this couple. Though, Shruthi Hassan did not give any kind of clarity on this, but her tweet and the picture definitely tells us that something very serious has been cooking between them.

Some of the sources also tells us that this just might be a publicity stunt by her to get the tention from the public while a few tells us that Shruthi Hassan has actually married Niranjan Iyer.

Shruthi Hassan is now waiting for her tollywood flick to release that has been titled ‘Manju’ and also she has been for Singham 3.

Well, you never know what keeps happening in Bollywood. A publicity stunt or a reality? It remains as a mystery until Shruthi Hassan reveals the real truth behind her instagram picture and her ‘hubby tweet’