Singer Madhu Priya Files Case against her Husband

The shocking latest news is that, singer Madhu Priya Files case against her Husband today, Staurday, March 12. The young singer had registered the case in Himayath Nagar police station on March 12th evening around 9:30 pm. She had stated that her husband is harassing her from few months. The police has started the investigation of the case. Singer Madhu Priya says that, her husband is subjecting her to mental and physical stress. Madhu Priya is a telangana folk singer. She got fame through “Adaa Pilla namaa” song.

Singer Madhu Priya Files Case



Background details of Madhu Priya’s Marriage

Singer Madhu Priya is just 18 years old now. She had married a boy named Srikanth soon after finishing her minority stage. She married her boy friend on 30 October 2015 with out her parents permission. At the time of marriage she stated that, her parents and some of her relatives are forcing her to marry some other person. As she is in love with Srikanth she had rejected their proposal and she married to srikanth. Srikanth is her facebook friend. The couple, Madhu Priya and Srikanth were in love for 2 long years and then they were married on October 31 2015. Later, she also filed a case against her parents saying that, her husband has a threat from them.

Reasons behind filing case against her husband : Madhu Priya

Everyone thought that all the issues were settled down. But raising up the controversies, the Madhu Priya filed up a case against her Husband whom she love married. She says that, Srikanth is doubting her always. So Singer Madhu Priya Files Case. She also says that he is not letting her to talk with her family and friends. She also added that, she did not expect this kind of behavior from him. Putting all the issues apart, the singer had married him just before 5 months only.  She married her boy friend, and unexpectedly she had found trouble in her marital life.

This incident left everyone in shock. Madhu Priya, once said that her parents are troubling her and her husband. But now she is saying that her husband is troubling her and parents are helping her in sorting it out. This dramatic scenes will be ended only after finding the truth.

Madhu Priya now said, ” I have troubled my parents while I married 5 months back, But they are still standing by my side when I am in trouble with my Husband,”. “My parents asked me not to marry him, but I rejected their proposal, and now I am facing problems,” “I should have heard their words, I unnecessarily filed case against my parents then.” “I am feeling ashamed of everything I have done”. This is what singer Madhu priya is saying now.

Lets see where Madhu Priya’s problems will take an end. At the very young age this singer got fame and at the same time she is facing problems just with in 5 months of the marriage relationship.