A british-Israeil startup plans to sell a mobile phone from next month which offers a next level of technology and security and retail for a close to $20,000. The phone will be revealed in May at Sirin Labs’ flagship store in London.

Hogeg said Sirin Labs have managed to combine military phone and the phone for everyday use they said lets create the best phone we can. They tested if they can integrate the best from both worlds without limitations. The idea for the startup came about after rakishev’s phone was hacked in 2013. He asked Hogeg why he couldn’t find a mobile phone that would ensure privacy and why new technology seen in tech shows and publications was not available in consumer devices.

The name sirin is not about Luxury, It is about advanced technology which in turn results in high-end products and also Sirin is focusing on both usability and security for the consumer space. Currently, most companies that offer full encryption are enterprise-focused

Sirin Gears Up To Launch Ultra High-Technology Phone For Executives


The phone will be based on the Android operating system or unspecified technology which run two-three in advanced technology. It is believed that thousands of executives in the United states and Europe will pay that sort of price. The most secure phone space remains fairly wide-open since blackberry Left in 2013

As Tech lovers, it brings the most sophisticated tech out there into the Smartphone. 91% of fortune 500 companies are under cyber attacks, but companies can’t use a military phone because they usually lack the apps that consumer use.

It won’t be the most expensive phone in the world. We are in the neighborhood of $10-15K per phone. TESLA Company started with priced cars, but today their car prices are much lower.