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Size Zero Movie Review & Rating – Live Updates | Anushka Shetty, Arya

Size Zero Movie Review, Rating : Size Zero has created a lot of buzz before its release. Finally the much awaited movie Size Zero is coming before us on 27th November. Anushka is the high name for playing challenging roles on silver screen. She is coming up with huge personality with this movie. She is quite experimental and takes movies as a passion, not profession. To perform her best in Size Zero, she put on 20 kg originally. Size zero Telugu movie is being made in Tamil under the title “Inji Iduppazhagi”.

The movie is going to hit the silver screen in 1500 theatres on 27th November (Telugu/Tamil).

Size Zero Movie Cast and Crew

Cast : Arya, Anushka Shetty, Sonal Chauhan

Director : Prakash Kovelamudi

Producer : Prasad V Potluri

Music : MM Keeravani

Screenplay : Kanika Dhillon

Language : Telugu

Release Date: 27th November 2015


Live Updates

Movie Rating : 3/5 (Family Entertainer)

11.30 am : Mom + daughter scenes are superb,simple climax. what a movie.. enjoyed a lot.. Good family entertainer

11.20 am : A host of stars are making special efforts with their tiny bits.. Interesting climax

11.15 am : Twist in the tale now… Movie heading towards climax

11.10 am : Kalam oka Chakram.. song keeps the momentum going. Where Hansika, Rana, Simha, Tamannah, Adivi Sesh, Nagarjuna make their special appearance.

Celebrities Appearing In Guest Roles In Size Zero Film

11.05 am : Awareness campaign and song superb

King nagarjuna cameo

King nagarjuna cameo

11.02 am : Some romantic scenes between Arya and Anushka are on now.

10.58 am : The movie has taken another turn.. Size Zero programme is being showcased now.

10.55 am : Time for yey another song now (Size sexy song – Super peppy number).. Anushka is showcasing her dancing skills

10.50 am : The debate between Satyanand & Sweety judged by Nijam Niranjan (Posani) is wasted.

10.40 am : 2nd half going good. Anushka sizzles in the special size zero track. Art work deserves a special mention.

10.34 am : Sweety gets to know the secret in Weight loss programme.

10.32 am : Sweety gives her best shot in Size Zero weight reduction company.

10.30 am : Post interval Ali makes an entry.

10:20 am : An interesting tale is being revealed now..

10.12 am : It is the time for Interval. – Good family entertainer

10.10 am : Time for 3rd song (Vinnava vinnava dolu sannayi)… Anushka falls in love with Arya.

10.07 am : Things move towards emotional interval sequence. Sweety accepts to get married on the family terms.

10.01 am : Innava Innava Dolu Sannayi a special song on the occasion of a wedding. Choreography and Cinematography is good.

9.58 am : A small twist in the tale. Sonal Chauhan makes an entry.

9.56 am : Some cute romantic scenes between Arya and Anushka are on now.

9.55 am : jogging scene was funny .. next Mella mellaga 2nd song superb

9.53 am : Beautiful Simran (Sonal Chauhan) is introduced and Sweety starts gets frustrated with her presence.

9.52 am : Mellaga Mellaga is soulful track and tries to showcases Sweety’s social services.

9.50 am : The movie moving on a simple and breezy note. Gollapudi makes an entry now..

9.45 am : Dailogues are very good.. Anushka acting impressively splendid in every scene

9.42 am : Abhi (Arya) documentary on local hygiene in Hyderabad with serial actors was good.

9.40 am : Abhi – Sweety conversation at Neeraja’s (Hema) place was different..

9.38 am : First Time Sweety rejects a marriage proposal..Urvasi’s continuation scene was hilarious.

9.36 am : Sweety gets impressed with NRI Abhi (Arya) looks..

9.35 am : Arya makes an entry now.. Some scenes featuring the lead pair are being showcased now.

9.32 am : 1st song zero zero #SizeZero is good.

9.27 am : Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam have come in. Time for 1st Song that is title song ‘Size Zero’..

9.21 am : Anushka has been introduced as a fat girl who is looking to get married..

9.14 am : Anushka looks super bubbly #SizeZero

9.13 am : Some scene featuring Anushka in her Childhood are being showcased now

09.08 am : The movie has just started and it’s 131 minutes long.

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Size Zero Movie Review

The trailer of Size Zero movie has attracted the audience a lot with its totally different subject and wonderful screen presentation. Anushka Shetty, Tamil hero Arya and Sonal Chauhan were featuring in main roles in the movie. Also Urvashi and Bharat were appearing in major roles. Also there is one more special attraction in the movie is Nagarjuna and Sruthi Hassan, Hamsika, Rana, Revathi, Adavi Sesh, and Sri Divya were going to appear in Cameo roles. As of now, Size Zero review from the audience was good and audience were waiting curiously to watch the movie in theatres. Director Kovelamudi Prakash, son of K. Raghavendra Rao was directing this movie. This is the bilingual movie that is going to release in Telugu and Tamil Languages simultaneously.

Size Zero Storyline

The storyline of the Size Zero movie is very simple, it narrates the common girl’s problems being fat. Now a day’s all the people are in Size Zero mania. If anyone is little fat, the people used to insult at her. Coming to Size Zero movie it is an attempt of a girl who fails continuously to be on weight. There is also a moral hidden in the story is that, though the people are fat we have to be considerate towards them. We all have to wait to watch it on silver screen.

Size Zero Movie Positives:

Coming soon.

Size Zero Movie Negatives:

Coming soon.


A must watchable movie.

Size Zero Movie Rating

Audience were overwhelmed with the story and performance of Anushka Shetty in the film. The team is expecting good box office collections for the movie. The audience rating for the movie was update soon below.

Rating : 3/5

Watch Size Zero Movie Latest Teaser/ Trailer :

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