Snapdeal Joins with gojavas to launch 90 mins reverse pick-up option in India. snapdeal 90 min reverse pick-up service to be launched, snapdeal joins gojavas.

Snapdeal Joins with gojavas to launch 90 mins reverse pick-up

Snapdeal Joins with gojavas to launch 90 mins reverse pick-up

Snapdeal the leading online market place for the sales and delivery of the products to the customer now gets collaborated with gojavas. GoJavas is a supply-chain company. Snapdeal collaborating with the gojavas today announced the launch of an first service for customers ‘ie’ 90 minutes reverse pick-ups service in India.

With this 90 minutes reverse pick-ups service, any Snapdeal customers who wish to return or replace their online products will be reached within 90 minutes of intimation. The facility, which is currently live in 15 cities will be useful for the customers to return the products very easily and with in the less time.

Ashish Chitravanshi, Vice President Operations of Snapdeal said that the they have introduced the 90-minute reverse pick-up facility as a continuing collaborative effort. They have developed this service to make their supply chain management get faster and develop a strong relation ship with the customers.

Snapdeal Joins with gojavas today:

The 90 min reverse pick up service launched by the snap deal is an attractive service for the customers and helps the customers in fast returns of the online products. This may be also an challenging aspect the other big online market contendor Flipkart as they now lack the some of the services that are been provided by the snapdeal.

The reason behind the Snapdeal Joins with gojavas is to compete with the flipkart. This may be an challenging to the flipkart which they have to look forward to compete with their close contendor snapdeal.

Snapdeal’s way of looking into customers everyday shopping needs and the gojavas understanding of logistics and delivery challenges of the online products to the customers and the association of both snapdeal and the gojavas helps them create unique offerings basis, with the ultimate focus on delivering the products to customer delight.

Getting more in to the new service ‘go-90’, Mohib Rub,the head of the gojavas, said that their strategic partnership with Snapdeal sure will make a huge impact in the fast-tracking go-to market for innovations gojavas.

But the problem with this is that 90 mins reverse pick-up service is it is a new service that is been launched by the snapdeal and gojavas. But the service is new to customers and is only available in the 15 cities all over the india which is a major questioning factor in this service.

To answer this questions both the teams snapdeal and gojavas are looking forward to expand this service to nearly about the 300 cities within their network in the next coming up 3-5 months.