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In olden days the room rent for unmarried couple was ridiculous in India. There can be an attack from any one at any time. Even society will see an unmarried couple living in a single room as a crime. Even the couple will be badly treated by all. But, Stay uncle that locates in Delhi provides room in a hotel for unmarried couple to stay together and can spend some valuable time which is harmless. The room is available according to the needy budget like 3star, 5 star and 7star hotels. This is fully secure for a couple to stay, if they are local ID card holders.  This startup had started by a BITS-Pilani graduate Sanchit Sethi, with a caption “couples need a room not a judgement”.

Stay Uncle

This startup founder had shared his views on his hotel as “There is no law in India that prohibits unmarried couple from renting a room. As long as they have a government ID card, a room can be given to them. We don’t live in 1950’s anymore. What we are trying to do is change the mindset of hoteliers.” The thought of being modern is good and harmless. Thinking mentality of society should change for the betterment. Minimum a short term change is well and good. This new startup motto is to have a change in society thinking for better thoughts.

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The Stay Uncle had tie-up with 34 hotels in Delhi, 10 hotels in Mumbai and spread its plan futher all over the country where unmarried couples can rent a room without any inconvenience. These hotels are helpful for privacy starved lovers. The startup links the customer with the hotel where one can book a room for 8-12 hours unlike whole day. It costs reasonable rate between Rs.1400 and Rs.5000 only. “If one stays for 8 hours then pay only for 8 hours not for the entire day” with this quotation the startup is running like a express.

Stay Uncle Rating: 8.8/10

Do hope that this business will look forward in future and reach its heights. All the best for the Stay Uncle startup team. Now You can Take Safely Room in India with out Married. Its Safe by Stay Uncle Startup guys.

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