Sunny Leone Shocking Replies to Sexist Interviewer

sunny leone

Sunny Leone is all set to promote her upcoming adult film Mastizaade. Unlike promoting her movies in shows like the Bollywood stars, she is giving interviews to leading channels like CNN-IBN and NDTV. The actress was interviewed by sexist Bhupendra Chaubey for The Hot Seat show which made her quite uncomfortable with his quirky questions. He also was desperate to make the Baby Doll actress to accept that pornstars in films suffer to make a place for themselves.

The interview throughout had Chaubey asking the questions about the past life of Sunny raising a question, if Aamir Khan would ever want to work with her in a film and an astonished Sunny replied NO. She also confessed that she is a huge fan of Aamir and would love to work with him. Though the Mastizaade actress believes that PK actor wouldn’t work, we feel that the Khans wouldn’t really have a problem working with her.

Talking about the same, Shah Rukh in the premiere of Jackpot in 2013 admitted that he would love to work with the actress. Salman Khan favors and praises Sunny for the tremendous hard work she has put in to mark her place in the cine field. He vocally voiced out his favor during Bigg Boss 5 when Amar Upadhyay, one of the contestant misbehaved with her. Aamir Khan, though not active on social networks was kind and replied to Sunny’s Tweet on Twitter.

Mastizaade starring Tusshar Kapoor, Sunny Leone, and Vir Das will release this Friday. Her film promotional interviews shocked almost everyone. The question here is, why to interview a person when the interviewer is judgemental and doesn’t have a good intellect to understand. Some of the questions asked are:

Do you not get affected by the fact that your past, as a “porn queen”, will continue to haunt you or hold you back?

There seem to be lots of inhibitions of stars to work with you. How do you feel about that?

Do you get upset by the negative comments which appear about you?

So you would want to work with Aamir but Aamir would not want to work with you. How do you feel about that

Pardon me if I’m being offensive, but how many people would aspire to be a porn star?

If I was to turn the clock back would you still do what you did?

Some people are wondering whether Sunny Leone becoming a brand ambassador is a dangerous thing for India.

On social media, many Indian married women who look at Sunny Leone as a threat and think she’ll take away their husbands. You don’t care about all this?

The astonishing statement ever was, “I’m wondering whether I’m being morally corrupted because I’m speaking to you”. Sunny Leone was in short of words but politely said NO.

Chaubey asked all the questions to Sunny about her past with superiority and expressions you really have to get past with. He was witty and judgemental and focused on the questions with a smile.