Sunny Leone Slaps a Journalist Who Asked Her How Much She Charges For ‘Night Programmes’

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, who was in Surat to carry out at a Holi occasion on March 24, allegedly slapped a journalist, who asked her how much she charged for ‘night programmes’ now that she’s a film star. According to news, Sunny Leone was in Surat for a Holi occasion titled, ‘Play Holi with Sunny Leone’. Though, through a casual stroll before the beginner of her act, a journalist from a nationwide news channel wedged up with her for an unprepared interview in the hotel passage. It was throughout this discussion that things escalated. He was quoted saying: “You were a porn star previous, now you are a movie star. So how much do you charge now?”

Sunny Leone, who is frequently cool and pleasant with people around her, particularly the media, was taken aback by the daring of the reporter. She then asked the reporter to do again the question. And here’s how the journalist reshaped his question: “How much do you charge for a night program? This complete her angrier and Sunny, quite obviously, lost her cool and slapped the reporter in front of the hotel employees and left the reporter red-faced before departure for her hotel room.

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Sunny Leone Slaps a Journalist

Sunny Leone Slaps a Journalist 

The managers feared they did have to call off the occasion as the actress wouldn’t desire to go on with the show after this occurrence. Being a thorough expert, Sunny took the incident in her pace and provide a presentation on the phase. She danced to well-liked Bollywood numbers for 15 minutes, as promised. Earlier on the identical day, a drunken interloper had also entered her room and asked for peculiar favours from her. Not letting things go out of hand, Sunny took the outlet door and escaped.

Her husband Daniel was heard saying: “Sunny has given an appropriate respond to the journalist so we are not filing any police grievance. The organisers were also college kids so we do not desire their careers to be injured. But from now on, Sunny will believe a thousand times before approaching to Gujarat.”