Superstar Rajinikanth and King Nagarjuna to make a Multi-starrer?

The latest and most exciting news is revolving all over the south film industry.The news is that the Super star Rajinikanth and King Nagarjuna are ready to act in the remake of Movie shivalinga. The Shivalinga movie was directed by P.Vasu.

This turns to be exciting news because the latest trend in this era is for the multi-starrer movies.King Nagarjuna is already involved in this trend partially from the movie manaam and oopiri movie is also on sets in which nagarjuna is multi-staring with Hero karthi. so now the biggest thing is about Rajinikanth. Can a big star like Rajinkanth do a multi-starrer movie? The sources are saying YES!

Coming to the movie details,the movie Shivalinga was biggest blockbuster in the kannada industry.It is a horror movie directed by P.Vasu.Now Vasu is willing to remake Shivalinga movie with this two hot stars.This director had already remade the movie Apthamitra and Aptharakshaka in Telugu which were known as Chandramukhi and Nagavalli.As we are familiar with those movies, we can imagine and expect a lot from this upcoming movie.

Superstar Rajinikanth and Nagarjuna in Multistarrer?

uperstar Rajinikanth and Nagarjuna in Multistarrer

The official details and confirmation of roles of the movie are yet to be decided.Also lets cross our fingers to get a most fabulous output for the movie.If the news is true then it is festive season for both the Tamil and Telugu industry. The movies itself are very much entertaining and this kind of cast and crew turns it to be very much overwhelmed. So Tollywood and kollywood get ready for enjoying the trend of Multistarrer. we say this because if stars like Rajinikanth and nagarjuna start multi staring then sure every other star will follow them.

stay tuned for more official updates.