Tamilnadu Couple Suicide in Tirumala Guest House

Recently, young couple who came to visit the famous Tirumla Tirupati has been found dead. The incident happened in Tirumala on Monday Morning. When we go in to the details of the incident, it is like this. The young couple before committing suicide themselves has taken the selfies and also had recorded a selfi video stating that they were going to die.

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Tamilnadu Couple Suicide in Tirumala Guest House

Tamilnadu Couple’s Suicide Details

As per the sources and few reports, it has come to know that these young couple who belongs to the Coimbatore of the Tamilnadu named as Sampath Kumar and Sathya Vani has come to Tirulmala Tirupati and they have taken a room for the rent in the Rambageecha guest house in the room number 384. On Monday morning, the room cleaning staff went to their room for cleaning has knocked their door and as even after long time, staff has found that the couple has not opened the door and so they have intimated to the authorities of the guest house. Later security staff has kicked the door and went in to the room to see what actually happened and they found the dead bodies of the Sampath Kumar and his wife.

Tamilnadu Couple – Video Selfie Before Commiting Suicide

As per the reports, it has come to know that the couple has committed suicide by hanging themselves to the fan and before that they even took the selfies with the caption stating that they wanted to commit suicide. Police has moved the dead bodies for the postmortem as of now and the police have collected the mobile phones from the room and they even conveyed this issue to their relatives. The police were under the investigation and soon it is said that they would be finding out the reason behind the couple suicide. This is the only suicide that had happened in the Tirumala in the recent times.