Telangana Student shot dead in Noida

Ramaraju Sandesh, a student from Nalgonda Region was shot dead, suddenly by his acquaintances in Noida on Saturday evening. He is a second year B. Sc Marine Science student and he was studying at Amity University. He was get attacked by the huge hit, when he was opened the door of his rented flat in the sector 100 at Noida Region. Police Department is now yet to find the motive of the murder attempt on Telangana Student.

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A murder Attack on Telangana Student

This is unexpected sad news for Telangana people that youngsters were died in a murder. Ramaraju parents were lived in Srinagar colony of Nalgonda and they rushed to Noida. Sandesh’s father Mr. Shyamsundar Rao who is an Assistant manager working in cooperative bank and mother named Ms. Roopa and she was received the information from Noida Police after few hours of incident happened. By knowing the information about Sandesh, His relatives said that he was not a quarrelsome boy and he is not the person to expose to such an incident.

Ramaraju Sandesh was shot dead

A mysterious Incident in Noida

He was good at his studies and this is an unreachable, mystery of Ramaraju’s death at Noida. His Parents and relatives were very much afraid of Sandesh’s incident and felt very sad, they can’t digest the incident of his death. His parents were waiting for his arrival for the occasion of Dasara holidays but unfortunately they heard such a bad incident of his son. The victim’s flat mate, Mathur told to the police that Sandesh was shot by two armed assailants when he opened the door.  He was staying in rented flat along with his two friends named Nadeem and Mathur. After this incident occurred, Nadeem stated to, Sector 9 SHO Zaheer Khan that he heard his roommates’ screaming and came out.