Telangana TDP Revanth Reddy Trapped Offering Bribe 3 Arrested, Telangana mla revanth reddy got arrested. tdp mla revanth reddy caught offering 50 lakhs bribe.

Telangana TDP MLA Revanth Reddy was caught offering bribe to Anglo-Indian legislator Stephenson. This news appears to have trouble for the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. Kadiyam Srihari, talasani Srinivasa Yadav made the comments about this news as the Telangana Ministers targetting the Chandrababu Naidu. These two ministers, were EX Mla’s of TDP.

Telangana TDP Revanth Reddy Trapped Offering Bribe 3 Arrested

Telangana TDP Revanth Reddy Trapped Offering Bribe 3 Arrested

Telangana TDP Revanth Reddy Trapped: The telangana TDP Legislator Revanth reddy trapped While Offering to Stephanson and a total of 3 people got arrested.  Previously AP C.M. Chandrababu Naidu was elected President of Telugu Desam Party’s Central Committee.

But the words get tumble up on him as Bishop, Harry Sebastian, and Uday Simha have been arrested.

The ACB of Telangana police said that they have planned a trap against TDP Mr Revanth Reddy based on a written complaint given by the  MLA Elvis Stephenson. Stephenson who represents the Anglo-Indian community in the Telangana Assembly has complained that he was offered Rs. 5 crore. He reported that he was asked to leave the voting or to he could vote in favour of TDP.

The ACB said they had collected the evidence about the bribe offered in the form of visual recording and has also recovered the amount of Rs. 50 lakh offered to Elvis Stephenson. It confirms that Telangana TDP revanth reddy trapped by stephenson.

Telangana TDP Revanth Reddy gets Trapped and arrested

In the video visual recorded Mr revanth Reddy was been cofirmed that he went to Mr Stephenson’s  residence and was talking to him. While on the way Uday Simha brings the cash out of a bag. Bishop, who is alleged to have contacted Mr Stephenson on behalf of Mr Reddy was also caught in the visuals.

A.K. Khan said they had registered a case two days ago after receiving a written complaint from stepenson. It was a plan to TDP Revanth Reddy trapped in it.

The ACB said the amount given to stephenson was an advance of a Rs.5 crore deal to vote for the TDP-BJP candidate. The entire proceeding was recorded on a spy camera.The ACB who laid the trap arrested Revanth , Uday simha and Bishop and seized the cash.

The MLA Revanth reddy has been filed case under Prevention of Corruption Act and under Indian Penal Code.

After the arrest Revanth Reddy claimed that he was innocent and he was made to caught in a false case by government as a part of a political conspiracy.