Telephone Collections Are Reached 100 Crores Mark In India,as per officials says Mobile connections have 98 crores rest are telephone connection, also 50crore internet connectionsTelephone Collections Are Reached 100Crores Mark In India

Telephone Collections Are Reached 100 Crores Mark In India

Indian Telephone Collections Have Reached the amazing mark of 100 crores. Mobile connections have 98 crores in that. This news officially announced by telecom minister ravi shankar prasad. On the occasion of Long Distance wifi system,solar power wifi system, 100 GBPS OFC link made by government technology centre C-DOT .

All other products are made by them. Telecom minister have participated in this and given an statement that 100crores telephone connections mark is reached in india.

50-70 Lakh new connections in every month . India have 30crores internet connections. We are trying to develop this to 50 crore internet connections mark. As per their official announcement, and As per TRAY Statistics, 99.9 (approximately 100 crores) phone connections have in india, 97.3 crores Wireless mobile connections in this.

India have been developed more and more now a days, we can see the figure of phone connections and internet connections, Modi’s Digital India looks like more success in future.