Thermos’ new smart bottle intimates about refilling of water. The company teamed with EXOS and finally made it possible to release the new smart bottle in to the market.

Thermos' new smart bottle intimates about refilling of water

Thermos’ new smart bottle intimates about refilling of water

Technology is enhancing day by day. Even the normal person can’t assume what is being invented today. Up to now, you are very much familiar about listening to smart phones, smart watches, smart tv etc. Have you ever imagined that there will be a smart water bottle present in the real world? The Thermos Company made it possible by introducing the first ever smart water bottle? There is no shortage of smart water bottles on crowd funding sites like kick starter and Indiegogo. But when a brand like Thermos enters the game with a new smart lid for its bottles that tracks hydration and even monitors the temperature of your water, you better pay attention.

Thermos’ do not have the technology to develop a smart bottle

Thermos’ is safely storing and preserving foods and liquids only but not the technology needed to realize a smart bottle. The company tied with EXOS to develop a new smart Lid Hydration bottle. Thermos’ teamed up with EXOS to develop a connected iOS app that help athletes and to the remaining people to ensure that we all staying properly hydrated or not.

The bottle will connect to the Bluetooth; the user simply specifies their age, weight and how much time they exercise and how long they plan to be active during the next workout. The app takes the complete information and provides a customized hydration goal, so users know exactly how much they should be drinking to compensate for sweat and their body’s increased need for hydration.

Need to recharge it for every couple of weeks

But even if you don’t plan to be particularly active, your body still needs plenty of H2O to function properly. So less active users can also set up reminders and alarms to ensure they’re drinking enough water. The Smart Lid Hydration Bottle also features a smart straw, it senses how full or empty the bottle is, and remind fill up when you’re headed out for a run. It’s even got a thermometer too, so if you prefer your water at a specific temperature-like very cold-you won’t be surprised when the next mouthful is tepid. Everything is fine, what about price? It costs $60. But spending $60 on a water bottle that needs to be recharged every couple of weeks is quite noticeable.