Three Beaten Up in Chennai for Denying the National Anthem : Recently Supreme Court has passed an order to play the National anthem at theaters before each show begins. Concerning this statement, every one of the audience is supposed to stand while playing the National Anthem at the theaters. The 52 second National Anthem will be played at theaters. Everyone in the audience will stand and show their gratitude towards the National Anthem and the Nation while playing this at the screens. However, in Chennai one incident has been taking place that, three candidates were beaten up by the co-audience for not respecting the National Anthem.

Three Beaten for Not standing During National Anthem in theatre

National Anthem in theatre

Reports Says, Case was Filed on Assailants

As per the reports, 3 were beaten up in Chennai at Kasi theater, Ashok Nagar for not paying tribute to the National anthem.  One young guy and 2 women students were beaten up for not respecting the National anthem. Approximately 20 people were surrounded the 3 and agitated their negligibility about National Anthem. They started quarreling and after that, they have beaten up those 3.

 “We were harassed and manhandled. They issued life threats and assaulted us. We did not have any intention to show disrespect,” TOI quoted one of the victims saying.

Also, the reports were stating that the 3 people were taking selfies while the National Anthem is played. After this clash, the 3 people and the assailants were taken up to the Ashok Nagar police station.

As per the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act and the Indian Penal Code, the case was registered for disrespecting the National anthem.

Supreme Court Denied recalling the order

While the Supreme Court has not taken up any decision to terminate this process and it made the strict orders to play the National Anthem at big screens for each show.

“The national anthem is kind of a hard song to sing something, and God gave me the strength to put it together.” Jai Hind.

“Only because certain foreigners are here and they may have some problems, should we recall our order? Why should we recall our orders only to oblige foreigners? If there are 40 movies running in different shows, you will have to, well, stand 40 times,” the paper quoted the judges saying.