Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha Died – Latest News/ Status Updates (Death Images & Videos Exclusive): Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha Latest Hospital Report Leaked and Goes Viral In Social Media. What Happened to Jaya Lalitha’s health? This question is now making a lot of anxiety in  the public of Tamil Nadu. Recently on 22nd September Jayalalitha has admitted into hospital due to depression and fever. Until then the reports about her health have not unveiled to the public. The common people and followers of Jayalalitha are worried about here health condition. Also the reports from Apollo hospital were not releasing. This is causing the suspect in the people of Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalitha Died on December 5th with Cardiac Arrest :



TN CM Jayalalithaa Health Condition Latest Leaked Hospital Report : Dead

In concerning about Jayalalitha’s health Supreme court judge lawer Regan S Bell has written a 3 page letter to President Pranab Mukherjee stating to know the reason behind the secrecy of Apollo hospitals. He has mentioned clearly in the letter that, ‘why the government is following this much secrecy in revealing the truth about CM’s health? He also questioned that, ‘what is the necessity to give security with 1000 police men at hospital?’. In the same letter he also mentioned that the whole state ministry has been stopped, and as well ministry also do not know any information about Jayalalitha’s health. Mr Regan said that even governor has not permitting anyone to visit Jalalalitha in hospital.

Latest News : Live Updates

05/12/2016 : Latest Health Bullet in Report

04/12/2016 : Tamil Nadu CM  #Jayalalithaa suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday; under critical care at Apollo Hospitals

13/10/2016 at 5.00 PM : London doctor, AIIMS experts brought in again to treat Jayalalithaa.

11/10/2016 : Governor allocates all of Jaya’s portfolios to OPS, but she remains CM.


08/10/2016 : CM Jayalalitha’s Present Health Condition Report – Bullet in by Apollo

07/0/2016 : TN CM Jayalalithaa’s treatment to take longer, more specialists flown in

06/10/2016 : Chennai: #AIADMK workers hold special prayers for CM J #Jayalalithaa‘s good health,distribute food to the poor at Anand Sai Temple.

05/10/2016 (09:20 PM ) : AIADMK worker dies of heart attack amid rumours over Jayalalithaa

04-10-2016 :  Apollo Hospitals in its latest release says that #Jayalalithaa health continues to improve & same line of treatment is being given.

03-10-2016 at 8.00 PM : Apollo Press Release

The Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who is undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital, Greams Road, Chennai continues to improve. Apollo Hospital also obtained an expert opinion from Dr. Richard Beale, an International Specialist and Consultant from the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, who was flown in from the United Kingdom on 30.9.2016. Dr. Richard Beale examined the Honourable Chief Minister, evaluated the various clinical reports of the Honourable Chief Minister and had detailed discussions with the expert group of Doctors treating the Honourable Chief Minister and concurred with the present line of management. Based on the detailed discussions which the expert group of Doctors had with Dr. Beale the current treatment plan including, appropriate antibiotics and other allied clinical measures are presently being continued to treat infection.

The Honourable Chief Minister is responding well to the treatment given to her. The Honourable Chief Minister has been advised a few more days stay in the hospital for treatment,

Issued by : Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

02-10-2016 at 5.00 PM : Jayalalithaa Recovering Well, Is In Charge: Party Amid Health Concerns

01-10-2016 at 9.00 PM : RAJBHAVAN PRESS RELEASE

01-10-2016 at 7.30 PM : #TNGovernor came Apollo to meet CM #jayalalithaa

#Jayalalithaa is recovering well, hoping she’ll be discharged shortly. Won’t release pictures: @AIADMKOfficial spokesperson on Amma’s health

#Jayalalithaa is fine, no need to release her picture, says #AIADMK

What is happening in Apollo Hospital Chennai?

He questioned the Apollo doctors about Jayalalitha’s health. Asked why the doctors are not stating anything about her? He also stated that president’s rule must be implemented as per article 356. He further enquired that, in present situation Jayalalitha is in the situation to conduct duties or not? While in this way Saturday morning few of the leaders close the Jayalalitha have spon to Appolo doctors regarding the health condition of her.  AIADMK leaders, and party activists are stating that Jayalalitha’s health condition is normal.

No Harm To Jayalalitha’s Health Condition – Says Karunanidhi

DMK chief M. Karunanidhi on Friday asked the Tamil Nadu government to “put an end to rumours” with respect to the health of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa by giving assurence to the general population, while wishing his most outstanding opponent a quick recovery.

“As I had already mentioned, though I differ with her ideologically, it is my desire that she recovers soon and take up official duties as usual,” he said and wished her a speedy recovery.

Karunanidhi Said: “Some Unwanted Rumours” By “Some Persons” Creating Disturbance

Mr. Karunanidhi has also said that unwanted gossips have been spread about CM Jayalalitha’s health condition. She has just admitted the hospital due to the dehydration and fever. He has clarified that some persons are making unnecessary issues of Jayalalith’s health condition.

 “Some persons are spreading unwanted rumours about her health on the social media and to put an end to these, proper information about the Chief Minister’s health must be made available to the people,” he said in a statement.

Mr. Karunanidhi suggested that photos of the Chief Minister be released through the media to control any sort of rumours being flowed about her health. Then, the AIADMK pummelled gossip mongers and said endeavours were being made to confuse party workers as well as public.

“Some persons are trying to create confusion among people and party workers by spreading rumours,” party spokesperson C.R. Saraswathy said.