Group Discussion (GD) tips-tricks and topics :

 Group discussion (GD) : GD is a Most Trending and Important topic in interview process. before getting into HR Interview everyone should go through Successful GD Process. we are here Representing the How to Prepare & Participate in GD with utmost Preparation. In this present decade most of the Multinational Companies as well as BPo’s and government jobs are preferring a group discussion process for the selection of the candidate. The group discussion is in fact a easy round that can be cracked easily if we put little focus on it. The group discussion needs a lot of practice and confidence.The confidence levels of one individual plays a major role in the group discussion.

TOP 10 Tips to Crack Group Discussion (GD)  – Most Asked Topics In Interview :

TOP 10 Tips to Crack Group Discussion

The group discussion method is opted by recruiting team mainly to eliminate a person.The main thing the recruiters search in a person is the ability to deliver the things they knew.So a person needs communication skills,listening skills, soft skills to get selected in this process.The mass elimination will be done in this group discussion round. So everyone should be careful to put their complete efforts in cracking the group discussion.


Tips for Group discussion:

1.Maintain eye contact with everyone while you are speaking.

2.Use effective gestures and open hand moments.

3.The gestures should be short. Don’t use wide hands.

4.Don’t let your nervousness effect your voice.

5.Be confident about yourself.

6.Don’t make unnecessary body moments like shaking legs etc.

7.Wear etiquette and comfortable that your confidence levels will be boosted.

8.Take shorter breathe while talking, don’t go for long pauses.

9.Take initiation only if you are familiar with your topic and if not you can also introduce the given topic.

10.Don’t go for arguments,don’t let anyone to deviate from the given topic.

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Tricks for Group discussion:

Though you are not good at participating in group discussion,there are some ways to crack it anyways.It is easy to crack a group discussion and here we are ready to give you some simple tricks that are to be followed.

1.Though you are not aware of the topic that is to be discussed you can follow a simple trick.The trick is that chose a person in the group whom you consider that they have knowledge about the given topic.Take down the points they are speaking.Cook something related to it in your mind.After a minute or 2 speak out the point without giving pauses. Be confident enough while you are speaking.

2.There is another great trick for cracking a group discussion. That is  SPELT

S-Social, P-Political/Public, E-Economical, L-logical, T-technical.

you can cook your topic in the above mentioned category wise.

3.The best tricks is to have a good facial expression and voice modulation while speaking because if you are good at it, then many of the people will consider that you have grip regarding that.

4.Have good Listening skills, sometimes the recruiter needs a person who can listen more.

Most Trending Topics For Group Discussion :

The topics for the group discussion will be very simple and general. The group discussion topics won’t be very much technical. The topics will be mainly to test your vocal and communication skills.So we can expect general and known topics for group discussion.But this won’t happen every time.Sometimes there may be a HR team who wants to test your creative logical thinking. so you may have some creative topics like “CAN BEAUTY AND KNOWLEDGE GO TOGETHER?” or ” ALL WORK NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY.” these are two examples in which the creativity should be used to understand the question itself.The first question indirectly mean that “does the beautiful people have brains?” and the second question means “Will they make kids dull if they study without having time without games?” These are easy to be discussed but the task is to understand the topic.

Categories of Group discussion topics:

Creative ,
current affairs,
Life styles,

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