TOP Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2015

TOP Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2015
TOP Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2015

Marketing is very important for any business these days and the most importantly marketing through internet is considered to be the latest trend which everyone is following and for that we need a source to post our ads where a large number of users visit. Google’s Ad Sense who was the pioneer in this web based marketing but lately it’s not easy for everyone to rely on Google for advertising as they may be blocked by Google any one cannot flash his/her ads on google anymore. Hence, today we will list the best 14 alternatives for Google Ad sense.

So,We are Providing a TOP Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2015 information as per My point of view as of experience.Hope it work for you Too.Try it and Experiment it. Enjoy.

1) Otrafic:

The most reliable and easy to use, Otrafic gives various options to choose from while posting the ads and they are

Image Ads: These ads are very famous and can grab anybody’s attention easily they make the business ad look more attractive and can easily attract consumers.

Text Ads: These are most commonly used Ads and it is just simple text with title to it where it redirects to the business site when clicked on it.

Pic text Ads: These are new hybrid ads which is a combination of both text and pictures.

Video Ads: Ads by using video as medium to display the content of it.

Pop up Ads and Pop under Ads: These are simple pop up ads which pop on the screen of the consumers and then redirect to a link.

Pop Ads: Most commonly chosen Ads the advertisers pay much to these ads.

Social Media Ads: Ads which are posted in the social media.

Email Ads: These are simple advertisements which are sent to the subscribers through mail.

Campaigns: Ads which make any campaign famous and known all over the world.

These are the different options provided by Otrafic, and their uniqueness is that the ads are not limited to day based ads, they offer cost per click, cost per impression cost per day basis ads. One can chose from 1000 click, 5000 impressions and they also help the advertiser in identifying their number of Facebook fans, twitter followers and property rating.



2) Propeller Ads:

They are very well experienced about the web based ads and have already launched thousands of CPA and CPL campaigns, they know things in and out in this business and are masters in conversion tracking and results optimization. Their statistics show that they deal with more than 30 million on click impressions and 200 million banner impressions daily. Propeller can be considered a major player in this field and has given many option to its users from years which increased the networks. There are many happy users who have their success stories with propeller ads.


3) Infolinks:

Infolinks has the record which shows that their ads generate 30 times the engagement rate from the regular or traditional displays ads. Infolink is the master mind behind the revenue for over 100,000 sites in 128 countries with ad products including InFrame, InFold,InTag and InText. Infolinks headquarters is located in Palo Alto, CA and its R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel and also branches in New York and Chicago and Buenos Aries.

For all those blogger who have been waiting for a simple yet most powerful ads postings this is the place you can always rely on. Infolinks works with main aim to gain maximum attention of the consumers and they know how to get it. They have 4 different types or styles in serving ads, they are:

Intext: Whenever the mouse or cursor of moves over this Intext it will pop up the ad so that it will be seen by the consumer. These Intext are double underlined and are easily visible on the webpage.

Inframe: Ads are shown in the side bar of the website and these are shown as sliding ads for ease of use.

Infold: Infold displays the relevant ads based on the searched keywords by the consumer before they visited the website.

Intag: A double underlined keyword in the webpage which can be easily noticeable and highlights when the cursors moves over it.

Infolinks is very famous for its work that it’s almost equal to google Ad sense when compared based on the approval process.


4) Bidvertiser:

A great alternative for Google Ad sense which offers an array of options in the ad postings. At Bidvertiser there is a great chance for one to browse websites on different categories and chose the best channel for their business, chose the best keyword, select the best geographical area to be targeted.  An opportunity to customize the layout of ads with the Bidvertiser tool so that we can choose the Ad to fit the look of our website. The performance of the ads can be monitored in the publisher center and one can even generate the reports of their performances too.

Bidvertiser provides a toolbar which helps us to access their tools, and option to recreate this tool bar to make it more included in our website.



Powers the Yahoo and Bing network contextual ads program, this sounds like the perfect place for one who wants to choose a different platform than Google AdSense.  The option to customize the ads based on the content in them is another highlight of and they believe this gives an enhanced user expertise, native ads helps the website to maintain consistent user experience. Very simple to implement, it’s just a 2 line java script code. The performance of the ads are continuously tested and optimized to get the best of them.

Mobile Docked Ads which help in reaching more consumers, these are simple docked ads displayed at the bottom of the pages which supports all the major OS of mobile phones like android and IOS.


6) Qadabra:

A great alternative for the Google AdSense and a simple ads platform which makes it easy for everyone to use it since this is only-self-serve Ad platform in the market. Many bloggers have been benefited through this platform and are still happy to use this service even now when there many competitive alternatives in the market. This platforms is considered to the best based on the rates available in it. One can earn good revenue even with decent traffic and Qadabra has the technique to generate the revenue. Simple to use and easily live, one need not wait long to get the ads live in 15 seconds for sign up and then the ads posted are live. Easy to track the performance and there is no risk or commitment involved. The best cutting edge optimization algorithms direct these ads to your traffic so that it ensure the highest eCPM.


7) VigLink:

An Ad platform which converts and monetizes the existing links across all pages and see that the eligible links always directs to the best advertiser. The option which converts links to different links which later redirect to various types of affiliate links, is done by taking the regular links in your content.

VigLink also takes different keywords form the content and then convert them into links which will redirect to the affiliate links and generate more revenue. A simple VigLink anywhere link option helps the users to create a links and post them in any social network, and one can also remove those links immediately in case their service is not up to the mark. An option to work with over 35,000 merchants is another advantage.


8) Dynamic Oxygen:

Any publisher with an aim to generate revenue from their website can rely on Dynamic Oxygen, though it’s new to this field they have gained a great base of publishers. Irrespective of the popularity of the publisher they give a chance to everyone who wants to generate revenue by converting links. They have some of the best ad formats to choose from and they will feature ads chosen to be posted based on the traffic generated by our content.


9) Intellilinks:

A simple yet powerful platform to generate the best consumer base for the ads, Intellinks is more or less similar to any AdSense alternative but concentrates more on the revenue generation of the ads. A simple set up file is what which gives us the control of the ads. There is an option which helps the blogger to sell different types of text links.



An ad platform which can tell the bloggers all the information about the ads which can generate the most revenue with its new technology called click prediction. Chitika has been chosen by many publishers since it is has proven to be the best for targeting v variety of customer for online based ads. A great opportunity of daily revenue which is not available even with Google AdSense make it more famous.


11) Clicksor:

Any blogger who expects to gain maximum from their ads can simple sign up with Clicksor to enjoy the maximum benefits like weekly payouts, lowest payout of 50$, an option to choose from 10 different ad formats, a referral program which leaves us with 10% commission.

The technology Clicksor uses is simple yet more powerful in generating revenue. Targeting people who have already visited the blogger’s website and displaying advertisements, geo targeting which displays ads based on the geo graphical location of the consumer, Contextual targeting where the ads are displayed based on the specific keyword, time targeting where ads are displayed in a particular time.


12) Skimlinks:

Their merchant base of 20,000+ and access to these merchant programs from day one is the reason for this tiny ad platform to be one among the top Alternatives for Google AdSense. Skimlinks has a record of processing 300 million clicks a month and over 1.5 million sites around the web.

Skimlinks takes your regular links in the content and make them affiliated links which redirect to their servers.  All this is automatic process and one should only upload the java script code to their content.


13)Revenue Hits:

One of the most famous and pioneer in the ad server platform, Revenue Hits helps one in generating maximum revenue with the contextual and geo targeted Ad serving technology. They provide a wide range of tools to the publisher like tool bars, widgets, IM applications and more.

Their technology helps in analyzing various ads and report their performance over time. Ads by them are considered to be the best performance ads and are comprised of effective text. Their other features like highest eCPM paid to their publishers, Simple and immediate account activation, worldwide coverage and a fast setup are few things which keep them apart from the other alternatives.


14) B4PS Ads:

A simple yet more power full competitor for all other alternatives B4PS ads is slowly gaining its fame in the market.  Easy approval without requirement if social security number is their specialty.  Blogger’s blog along with news feed and webpages are also supported. The data management of the account is completely in the hands of the account holder. The results and statistics can be easily monitored by the account holder. There is no payment to join B4PS ads and they assure your account the best in class privacy and security.