A Devotee came to Attending in Kumb Mela Nashik and Further he tried to Commit Suicide then Policeman Manoj Barahate jumped off from 20 ft high bridge to save a man. Finally Saved with his Committing. Everyone Appreciated. See the Full Story Below.

Trainee Police Jumped 20 Feet into River to Save Man
Trainee Police Constable Jumped 20 Feet into River to Save Man

Kumbh Mela: Trainee Police Jumped 20 Feet into River to Save Man :

Social media became a platform for praising peoples acts Most of the People think police will not come on time to any incident place but a 24 year cop made the statement false.

A 24 year old Maharashtra cop named Manoj Barahate rescued a man at kumbh Mela. The unknown person tried to commit suicide by drowning into the  river. Manoj the brave cop immediately jumped into the water when he saw the unknown youngster who wanted to commit suicide from a 20 feet high bridge.

The brave act of the cop and the incident came into light when Praveen Gedam IAS officer and Commissioner, Nashik Municipal Corporation tweeted it. He was praised for his bravery act. This tweet made many such incidents come into light as many tweeted their experiences with police as they helped them Its not only Manoj’s Bravery but also love towards humanity and saving a life.

#Nashik #Videoनाशिक येथे कुंभमेला बन्दोबस्तवर कार्यरत असलेल्या एका जवानाने स्वतःचा जिव धोक्यात घालुन एका व्यक्तिस पुलवरुण उडी मारून वाचविले….त्याचा वीडियो

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