Bypoll for Warangal Constituency was conducted on last Saturday to elect the leaders for seven constituencies in Warangal.  The Warangal MP seat was empty as Kadiyam Srihari who was the then MP of Warangal has resigned the position.  He was elected as Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana state.  

People voluntarily came out to use their right to vote.  Sixty nine percent polling was recorded in the Warangal Constituency.  There are many expectations on that seat as that is one of the 17 constituencies in the Telangana state.  All the parties like TRS, Congress, and TDP-BJP combined; other left parties including YSRCP have given a tough competition at the poll.  

Warangal By elections 2015

As per the reports, out of seven assembly seats four assemblies may emerge with pink color flag.  There are many expectations on the MP seat of Warangal constituency.  Most likely congress flag is going to hoist in Warangal constituency as G Vivek who is contesting for MP seat has more chances of winning in that area.  

Even though he is a TRS candidate previously, he again jumped to Congress.  There were news that a senior TRS leader went to talk with Vivek to contest from TRS, but Vivek confirmed that there is no question of joining TRS again.  The Warangal constituency is reserved for few schedule casts.  

TRS is damn sure about the bypoll results saying that pink flag is going to hoist in all those constituencies.  Even though there won’t be a great impact of TRS on all the 7 constituencies, four constituencies are likely to fall under TRS ruling.  But as per the repots ever though they won the by-elections there won’t be great majority for TRS candidates.  As per the analyst’s report Congress is going to secure second place and TDP-BPP combine candidate Devaiah made impact in two assemblies.  Others like left and YSRCP candidates may not create any impact in by-elections.