True caller introduced Spam blocking feature, which is used to protect the people from the anonymous calls. This feature can block entire country calls also.

True caller introduced Spam blocking feature

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A good news for the Android users. True caller just upgrading its software to put an end to the unwanted disturbances. The new blocking feature gives an advanced control over the users phone that how they reacts when they gets an unwanted call.

What is the reason to introduce this blocking feature?

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The Scam calls have made US headlines in the past due to scams like ‘One Ring Scam,’ where most of the calls will come from an area code outside the US. The True caller is preventing the users by not becoming victims. The true caller introduced its new feature by blocking whole area codes from contacting you. The call centers are the first among all the people who continuously torture the people by making calls. It can be avoided if the user able to see a pattern in the number that is always harassing you. The number which is erupting can be blocked in the True caller’s advanced blocking system. Just add the number pattern to the blocked list.

What’s new in the Spam Block Feature?

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The advanced ‘Block Feature’ will provide whether to block a whole country calling from you? or How to block a number from certain area code, or one that contain a certain series of numbers? To all the questions here is the answer. Set your preferences to block calls, by using Hang up which rejects the calls automatically, or you can set the call to mute for the selected numbers. It will rings in silent continuously with out disturbing. The True caller will maintains a list which can be updated everyday. The active persons who use true caller can help each other to avoid unwanted calls, and share the information quickly that can help some other persons around the world to avoid being a victim to the spam or harassment call. The list can be updated every day to keep the users safe from the fake calls.