Telangana SSC Board Decided to allow students even they are 5 Min Late

There is a good news for the students who are attending the Telangana State SSC exams. TS SSC students can attend 5 minutes late.  The exams are going to be commenced from 21 March 2016. As a part of instructions to the exams, the TS board has given a great offer to the students. The Board of Secondary Education Telangana, has stated that the students can attend 5 minutes lately to the exam hall.

Ts ssc board decided to allow students even they are 5 Min Late

Good News for Students who are writing Telangana 10th class Exams 2016

In the previous years, there was a rule that the students will not be allowed to write the exam if they are late. But now, this system had changed. The Educational Minister executive Ranjiv Acharya, School Education chief kishan, intermediate Board A.Ashok, Government education Board Secretary R.Surrednra reddy including DEO’S, Collector, Police had attended the meeting. In this meeting they had discussed about the problems of students.

Great Move by SSC Board : Allowing Students even they are 5 Min Late..

Students Can Attend the Exam at 9:35 am

The Telangana State Board is going to conduct the Telangana State SSC exams from march 21 2016. usually,the exam will start at 9.30 am. In previous years, every student must attend the exam by 9;30. but now, students got a chance to attend late by 5 minutes. i.e., students can attend the exam at 9:35 am. If there is any traffic jam or any other problem this will obviously help the students. so don’t worry the TS SSC students can attend 5 minutes late.

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Students can also enter into exam center before 1 hour i.e., at 8:30

Some students will reach the exam center earlier than the actual time of the exam. Those students have to wait outside the center till the gate is opened. Previously students can enter into the center only after 8:45 am. This creates traffic the Education department stated that the students will be allowed into the exam center a hour advanced. This means, students will be allowed to enter into the center by 8:30 am only.

Benches will be allotted for all the students

In this Telangana SSC exam 2016, all the students will get a bench to write the exam. Till this academic year, some schools make students to sit on the floor to write the exam. This happens due to lack of availability of benches. But now, the Telangana Education Board instructs that no student should sit on the floor to write the exam. If there is no availability of benches in any school then they should get them for rent. The rent will be paid by the Education department. The board also instructed that, the primary facilities like lighting, Air and availability of water should be mandatory in all the centers for TS SSC Students 2016.

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No one is allowed to use a mobile with camera

Now a day’s everyone uses a smart phone. But the Telangana state school education chief Kishan says, No one should use a mobile phone that have camera feature. This includes and applies for staff also. Recently, many students were caught malpractice in inter exams. The students are sending the question papers through whatsapp and caught in malpractice. To avoid this kind of problems the Telangana state SSC exams 2016 board has eliminated the mobile phones that has camera.

The SSC exams Telangana State may probably happen without having any disturbances. These are obviously very good news for the students and parents. Lets Hope for the best. We will get back to you if we have any updates. So keep checking our website regularly for more updates.