Tuntari Movie Review & Rating, Live Updates – Story Talk Collections. Nara rohit’s Thuntari telugu Movie Review & Tuntari Film Rating and Live Updates From Theaters of USA, UK & Hyderabad Premiers/ Benefit on March 9 & 10, 2016. Fans Can Check Out here all the Movie box Office Collections, Audience Response Talk Here. Movie is Releasing in Telugu Language only.

Tuntari Movie Review & Rating, Live Updates – Story Talk Collections :

Tuntari Movie Review & Rating, Live Updates

Nara Rohit’s Tuntari film review rating is mainly Focused for Nandamuri and Nara fans. Tuntari review is attainment optimistic buzz. Latha Hegde is woman lead and AR Murugadoss given tale. Kumar Nagendra directed it. Here is the story in the below article.

Tuntari Movie Review and Tuntari film Rating have been getting positive converse. It is releasing on March 11th universal. As per sources, Tuntari film tale is dissimilar than previous Nara Rohit movies. Thuntari is a watchable dream entertainer. It is an outstanding travel with Nara Rohit. It is also excellent with Sai Karthik BGM and Palani Kumar photography.

Tuntari is a redesign edition of Tamil blockbuster hit Maan Karate. Now Tuntari film is tailor made as summer holiday for Nara Rohit. Spectators will obtain fun time with this picture. You can obtain 100% laugh and will go away the theatre with a smile.

Tuntari Cast & Crew:

Cast: Nara Rohit, Latha Hegde

Director: Kumar Nagendra,

Story: AR Murugadoss,

Screenplay: Kumar Nagendra,

Music: Sai Karthik,

Cinematography: Palani Kumar,

Production Company: Sri Keerthi Films

Tuntari Movie story line : p Review

Four software jobs who are on an outside tour journey meet a recluse inside a forest. They forecast the prospect with a telugu newspaper which was published five months later!

Tuntari Movie Premier Show Live Updates : Starts

Credits : Twitter/ Apherald

11:10 AM : Movie Completed

11:04 am: The final.battle between Rajendra and Raju.. is up..  and Raju starts training up high.

10:53 am: Second Song in last 10 minutes. As expected things move according to prophecy

10:43 am: Raju starts winning the bots one by won.. thanks to the funny boxers..

10:38 am: Ding Dong Darlinge.. forced retro track with pinch of folk beat to it..choreography is not upto the mark. Latha looks good in her short attire.

10:30am: Second Half starts on a dragged mode. Ali is introduced as referee…

10:18am: Hunk Kabir Duhan Singh is introduced in a furious way. Interval.

10:10 am: O Meri Jana.. is a trendy number.. with some simple steps.Nara Rohith needs to trim down his weight, he looks odd in the track. Stay tuned For Nara Rohith’s Tuntari Movie Review.

10:05 am: Istam Unte Rakshasi kuda Devatha la kanipisthundi – Nara Rohith

10:01 am: Looks like Kumar Nagendra penned a funny homage to Mohammad Ali -Holyfielders sequence here..

9:55am: Time for Chartbuster, “Diamond Girl”. Decent track with simple steps. Latha Hedge Looks cute in the track.

9:53am: Raju falls in love with siri (Latha), and starts following her to impress.

9:49am: Believing their future events, Vennela Kishore and team sign a dotted line with Raju.

9:44am: Pretty Latha Hedge is introduced in a promising way.

9:39am: Vennela Kishore and Friends start searching for destiny changer Raju (Nara)..

9:33am: Heres Raju (Nara Rohit)! with Raju ki Raju track.. Crowd are going gaga over the special cut outs in the background.

9:28am: Makers of Telugu remake version have utilized some sequences from the original version.

9:23am: Everything post picnic, turns out be pure coincidence and starts surprising everyone in the batch.

9:19am: Vennala Kishore gets some funny lines and supernatural point is very interesting add on.

9:16am: A group of friends pen a small tour where they get to witness something supernatural.

9:12am: Tuntari movie has just started and is 124 minutes long

As per the paper, these four software professionals draw Tuntari (Nara Rohit). He is a standard centre class person. As per the news paper, he is invented to succeed Rs.2 Crores in Indian Boxing Championship after four months and symbol an agreement. Nara rohit brawl in Tuntari who doesn’t know everything about Boxing and these four sponsored Nara Rohit and train him for the finals. Fascinatingly, Tuntari meets Latha Hegde in a shopping mall and drop in adore with her. After fun, humour and duets occasion come for climax with boxing championship.

The eligible Hero Nara Rohith and Latha Hedge are pairing in this movie. The movie is also going to entertain the family audience. The Audience and fans have high hope on movie. Hope Nara Rohith will carry it. His solo movie was a blockbuster hit. That entertained all zones of audience. So his fans and industry are expecting a same kind of hit from him again.

Nara Rohit’s performance In Tuntari :

Nara Rohit comedian timing, aptitude and heroism create it a big success presentation. This would be a dissimilar kind of film for Nara Rohit. Kumar Nagendra direction is excellent. But we can speak about Sai Karthi and Palani Kumar photography. Tuntari dues came as a video album. Madhu editing is good. Tuntari launched on 12th June last year at Hyderabad Satyasai Nigamamagamam.

Tuntari Movie Rating : 3/5

Plus Points


Nara Rohit comedy and performance



Negative Points