Uber Invests $50 Million In Hyderabad, Uber want to start new technology hub to increase job opportunities in india, they already signed with telangana government

Uber Invests $50 Million In Hyderabad

Uber Invests $50 Million In Hyderabad?

Good news for hyderabad is that Uber technologies Inc want to invest $50 Million in hyderabad for technology hub . They want to invest for 5 years.

The investment in the capital of India’s newest state Telangana will create “thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities,” Uber said in a statement Monday. This company already signed an agreement with telangana government about technology hub. As per they says job opportunities will increase more after launching this one.

Is really job opportunities will increase if uber technologies launch technology hub in hyderabad?

No doubt in that because if we have a technology hub then employability will automatically increases, because now a days there is more jobs In I.T. , for your kind information there is many vacancies in Many Big I.T. Company’s as well but they need correct person for their job, there is many talented/skilled persons in india that does not have any job. so this will surely help for them a lot.

“This is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when the private and public sector work together with the best interest of local communities,” Siddharth Shanker, who heads Uber’s operations in Hyderabad, said in a statement.
Uber has in the past said it would offer “its full support” to state authorities as well as the federal government in India “to work towards a long-term solution” to regulatory roadblocks it faces in the country.