The vehicle owner photograph must be attested on RC book. The RTA passed notification that the vehicle owner should be register with their photograph on RC book.

Vehicle owner's photo must on RC book

The vehicle owner photograph must be attested on RC book

New rules are being introduced by Road transportation Authority. The transport department, made it mandatory to put vehicles owner’s photograph on the Registration certificate book. As per the new sources, the new rules apply to owners of all non-transport vehicles being registered from Monday. The rule would be in place for non-transport vehicles from July 27 and for transport vehicles it would be implemented from August 3.

Already implemented in major cities

Till now, only applicants for license were required to come to the office for being photographed. From now onwards, when vehicles are transferred of sold to others, the new RC book would be issues to the owner who got registered with that vehicle. Already, this rule was being implemented in the states like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Chandigarh and Thiruvananthapuram the official added. The reason to implement this rule is to identify the frauds who are robbing the bikes.

RTA plans to link Aadhar also

The transport department also trying to link the Aadhar card to travel documents mandatory in RTA offices from August. To issue learners license also, Aadhar is mandatory. This would ensure that no malpractices will take place. This approach will maintain the history of vehicle owners and driving license etc. The Telangana Auto JAC leader M Dayanand invited the move of the transport department to seek Aadhaar.

He said that the initiative should have been taken up long back. “This will help in knowing who the correct owner. This will also help in checking internal irregularities. The Aadhaar card will show the correct address of the individual and he cannot cheat the transport official,” said Dayanand. This would also help in checking illegal activities by the financiers financing the vehicles, he added