Vehicle Registration is Now Available at Show Rooms

 Andhra pradesh : Vehicle Registration will now be very much easy. The Andhra Pradesh State Government has announced that now the vehicles can have its registration in the show room itself. This turns to be most happiest news for many of the vehicle buyers. Every time when we buy a vehicle, the registration takes a long process than buying the vehicle. But now this is going to be the easiest process.Generally we should visit the Regional Transport Office to get our vehicle registered. But now, the vehicle owner need not go to RTO office anymore for registration of the registration of their new cars or bikes etc.

Andhra Pradesh state Government has introduced this new scheme in the state to benefit the people. Cheif Minister Mr.Chandrababu Naidu has introduced this scheme first at Varun Maruthi show room in Vishakapatanam on Tuesday, 1 march 2016.This scheme will surely be liked by all the people.

Vehicle Registration is Now Available at Show Rooms

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu launched “Vehicle registration in show room scheme” at Vishakapatam vehicle show room through video conference from vijayawada.

The Chief Minister has launched this scheme through the Video conference, from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The first customer of this scheme is Eswar sarma. The chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has interacted with the first customer and asked him about the feedback. Then Mr.Sarma is a retired headmaster. He shared his gratitude to the Chief minister and thanked him for the newest scheme.

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We can consider this new scheme as the Revolutionary step that is implemented by the state government. This scheme mainly introduced to reduce the delay of the registration of new vehicles. The older registration system consumes more time. Earlier the registration of single vehicle takes at least 20 days and we also need a middle man to get our work done. But now this can be avoided by this online registration. At present this online show room registration is available only in few places. But soon there will be massive expansion in each and every show room. This new scheme will definitely save the buyers time and money. The middle man involvement and corruption regarding this registration system can also be reduced. This is something everyone should appreciate.