Asia Cup: Virat Kohli says he can’t hit sixes

Virat Kohli is most stunning batsmen in the present Indian International Cricket Team. But now, he stated that he has made peace with one short coming in his game and Virat Kohli says he can’t hit sixes so he choose to focus on boundaries.

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Till the date, Virat Kohli has played 33 T20 Internationals.In those T20 matches he has hit only 27 sixes.But he has hit 127 amazing boundaries in T20. If we compare these two there is a drastic difference between the Sixes and boundaries.This reveals the story that Virat is not comfortable in hitting sixes compared to boundaries. Asia cup will be starting on Wednesday, in the press meet of the corresponding cup he said that he will be just a four-hitter.

Virat Kohli says he can't hit sixes


Virat addressed media person on Tuesday, Kohli has stated that “The game plan in my initial days in T20 was to get 10 off 10 and then take off.But I realized that I don’t have come to terms with the fact that I cannot hit big sixes so I focus on boundaries.”

We treat every team equally on field : says Virat Kohli

Our team has good momentum going into Asia Cup. We cannot be over confident and we have to respect every opposition,” said Virat. Virat Kohli also said, he feel that in tournament like World T20, it is difficult to just focus on two or three particular teams as it can lead to failure of game plan.

He added that, every team is dangerous in T20. On a particular day, we are not looking at any team as major threat. We will take the challenge very similarly be it any team from around the world, that’s the way we need to approach a tournament like World cup.

 Kohli said he is happy to have a 3-week break

Kohli said he is happy that to have got a three-week break from the game post the Australia tour. “It was a good break after a long time.I got time to get away from the game. Rest was important as I was playing non-stop cricket. Every cricketer’s work load is assessed differently. If I play 5 games and if I don’t make runs then my workload will not be that much compared to someone else. So, by talking all these things into consideration, the Physio and everyone felt that I should take a break because in the Asia Cup and World T20 cup, we have to play will full intensity. It’s and important phase,so it was good, little bit of training,rest,spending time at home and family, it was a good break all in all.”