It is official that Virat kohli is now the new  brand ambassador for TISSOT  watches. Tissot watches are leading luxury watch sellers in the world.The TISSOT watches had organised an event to introduce their new brand ambassador to the world and at that event virat kohili  spoke with the media.

Virat Kohli says He is not a relationship counsellor

I am not the relationship counsellor, Ask the expert Please:Virat

Virat was asked few questions by the media that are correlated to Bollywood.Virat’s breakup was most sensational and viral news in the recent times.As the ex-couple remained calm about their breakup everyone are curious to know the details.So even the media wants to know the official confirmation of their breakup. So they have asked something related to Anushka Sharma.Instead of giving a straight answers he twisted each and every question and gave clues that he isn’t willing to speak anything about their split. When reporters asked him to name a bollywood celebrity to whom he would like to gift a watch, then he said,

 ” I would gift it to someone in my family first.I don’t know why that question.What’s the connect?It could be a cricket team member as well. Let’s be professional and stick to what we are here for and not try to swing things in other direction.”

From other hand a relationship question was hit.Virat was asked about his take about relationships, he paused for a minute and then he replied,

“I am not a relationship counsellor, so that’s not the question you should be asking me. Ask the Expert please.I am not the counsellor.”

This is how virat kohli has twisted and tangled his answers.This clearly shows that he is disinterested in talking anything about Bollywood and about his relationship status.