Vizag 6 Years Old Girl Aditi Died and Dead Body Found at Dibbalapalem Beach, Little Angle Adithi’s Death Came to End with Dead Body in Bogapuram- Dibbalapalem Beach on 01-10-2015 Night. Police and Fisherman Finally Found the Dead body in Sea Shore in Beach End at Bhogapuram District, Vizianagaram.

Vizag 6 Years Old Girl Aditi Died and Dead Body Found at Dibbalapalem Beach :

Vizag 6 Years Old Girl Aditi Died and Dead Body Found at Dibbalapalem Beach

The six year old girl Ch Lavanya Aditi who found missing in the Vishakapatnam on Thursday (24-09-2015) reportedly believed to be fell out in the drain at HB colony, Vishakapatnam on Thursday found dead in the Bogapuram, Vizianagaram District. The suspected body found nearly after 7 days of continuous rescue operations by police.

Where Aditi gets Stuck on September 24 and How this Incident Happend ?

Who is Aditi? This is the Question which arises in the Some of the Mouths. CH LAVANYA ADITI is a 6 years vizag girl and she goes daily to tuition from tuition. Like Wise She went to tuition alone on September 24, 2015. Aditi went missing after she reportedly slipped into a storm water drain near Dr. V.S. Krishna Government College, HB Colony in the Visakhapatnam on last Thursday (24-09-2015 ) evening, while returning home from a private tuition.

How Aditi Found in Bhogapuram Beach ?

From the Day of Missing, So Many People were Searching For Adithi and her Father Met CM Chandra Babu Naidu and Takes a Navy Help too For his Daughter. Nearly 1+ Crores Spent for Searching Operation in Beach From the Day to till Now. But came End with a Sad Moments. Social Media From the day of her missing, Telugu states are praying for the safe arrival of the child but otherwise happened.

Her Father C.Srinivas Identified Dead Body as His Daughter Adithi with the Color of Dress :

Her father C. Srinivas collapsed after seeing the dead body of the girl, who was in a decomposing state & swollen.  Later  he identified the dead body as Aditi. Srinivas who had a hope that her child would be alive and might have been kidnapped, announced 5 lakhs reward today. He also met Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu earlier.

The suspected body identified based on the dress found on the body which is matching with the color of the dress wore by (Adithi)  girl at the time of missing. As per eyewitness, she fell into the drain while she was trying to board car after attending tuition.

Watch : Excusive Visuals of Adithi Dead Body From Bogapuram Beach, Viziayanagaram