How to Link voter ID card with Aadhar Card. Project to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Cards Launched in India on 05-02-2015. How to Link voter ID card with Aadhaar Card (Aadhaar Seeding). As per the guidelines of the Election Commission of India (ECI), the Electoral’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) in Punjab would be linked to Aadhar cards,” Punjab Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) V K Singh said in Chandigarh to link voter card with aadhar card, how to do aadhar seeding.

Mr Singh, in a statement further said, that the Commission has already initiated a pilot project of linking the EPIC with Aadhar cards.

Tirupati: voter identity card will be linked with Aadhaar Election Commissioner Bhanwar Lal said. All voters in the voter’s card is connected to Aadhaar so, he said. Removed from the list of voters did not connect with the Aadhaar warned. Color photos voter cards for delivery by the end of 2015. Read more information about How to Link voter ID card with Aadhaar Card (Aadhaar Seeding) below.

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How to Link voter ID card with Aadhaar Card (Aadhaar Seeding)?

The electors can link their Aadhaar number with the electoral rolls by any one of the following:

Linking with Aadhaar Number: Linking of aadhar number in the electoral roll database for finding out the dual registrations and to take corrective measures. Nizamabad, first district to complete in entire country. The eletors can link their Aadhaar number with the electoral rolls by any on of the following.

Aadhaar Seeding : How to Link Your Voter Card with Aadhar Card?

There are various ways to link up the Your Voter Card with Aadhar Card. Mention Below Different ways to link Your Voter Card with Aadhar Card.

1. Online Linking (through official web site).

2. Mobile linking ( through Android or IOS mobile applications).

3. Linking by sending an SMS.

4. Linking through call center.

1. Online Linking (through official web site):

Online linking in chief electoral officer website: Voters can link the voter card number with aadhaar number using the Official Website of the Chief Electoral Officer i.e (Andhra Pradesh only), or (Telangana) through the OTP (One Time Password) received on the given mobile number.

I. Go To Official Website of the Chief Electoral Officer : Click Here to Link

II. First Enter Your EPIC ID (voter id card number)

III. Enter your UID (Aadhar Card number 16 digits)

IV. Enter your mobile Number for receiving OTP (one time password).

V. Finally click on the “VALIDATE BUTTON

VI. Compare your UID & EPIC Card Information and click on the “Seed” Button Shown below images.

VII. Done Your voter ID card link with Aadhar Card.

(This facility at present available Some States, for rest of the state will be available soon).

2. Mobile linking ( through Android or IOS mobile applications):

Mobile linking: linking using mobile app available in app store of android and IOS can be downloaded from the website of chief electoral officer.

I . Android App Download

II . IOS App Download

III. Windows App Download

3. Linking by sending an SMS :

Linking by sending an SMS: Link by sending the Aadhaar number and Voter Card number SMS to 08790499899 in the following format.

SEEDEPIC [space] [EPIC No] [space] [Aadhaar No]

Example SEEDEPIC BYX1234557 1234 5678 9101

4. Linking through call center :

Linking through call centre : by calling to the call centre 1950 between 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. And the furnishing the epic number and aadhaar number to the call centre operator.

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