New Scenes Added in Nannaku Prematho:Director Sukumar himself declared this news and NTR fans are so happy with this. Sadly NTR will not be seen in these new scenes as said by the close sources. The movie run time will be increased with this decision but still the makers are OK for letting it high for creating new hype on the movie.Now fans are so eager to see these newly added scenes.

New Scenes Added in Nannaku Prematho Movie from Saturday


One of the most discussed movie of the year 2016 would be Nannaku Prematho and this movie has raised all expectations right from the release day. Directed by Sukumar and produced by BVSN PrMasad this movie grabbed huge collections in Telugu cinema history of NTR. This movie is going so hard and great in the overseas as of now. The new news here states that this movie will be added with new scenes from coming Saturday.

Till now, most of the people are enjoyed with this emotional entertainer of Jr NTR. The movie has got sensational success in overseas and everyone in overseas talking about this film.

Previously, many people thought that overseas market only for Super Star Mahesh Babu but now Nannaku Prematho has changed that kind of situation. As per the news, Nannaku Prematho Movie new scenes will be added on next Saturday.

Actually, makers of the movie have cut some scenes because of lengthy but now makers are thought that they will be added some scenes. In which scenes between Rajendra Prasad and Jagapathi Babu and Jr NTR how he thought in his childhood stage about Jagapathi Babu will be added.

As per the talk, scenes between Rakhool Preeth Singh and Jagapathi Babu also will be added in Nannaku Prematho movie by the next Saturday. However, fans are very happy with this news and decided to watch the movie again.