[Video] Watch Hot Girl Peeing in Public, Everyone Shocks , A Beautiful Women/ Girl Peeded in Public Wall Streets in Delhi , Women Urinating on Wall is Shocking in Streets by Men in Public.

[Video] Watch Hot Girl Peeing in Public, Everyone Shocks at the END
[Video] Watch Hot Girl Peeing in Public, Everyone Shocks at the END

Hot Girl Peeing in Public, Everyone Shocks at the END :

Shocking Incident Happens earlier at Delhi Streets, Normally, Boys and Men will Pees in Public and Streets. It’s Common Sight on Indian Streets, but Here You never expect this, A beautiful Hot Girl clad in a short frock and peeing towards Street wall. Every men in public is watching and taking video of this Girl.

The video shows a girl wearing black short dress is standing facing a wall, thus making an impression as if she’s urinating in the open space, the way thousands of men in India are often seen doing. The girl’s action shocked several passersby while there were a few who even tried to film the girl’s action in their mobile phone. Then there were others who went past the girl raising their eyebrows and passing comments upon her.

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Here’s a video shot by Nisheeth TV in which there’s a woman peeing on a wall in a street. The expressions of the men around are quite enough to understand they are looking at it as something very strange. But why the same men don’t find it awkward to pee in the public?

The video was not made to encourage women to pee in public like men, but to make men realize how awkward women feel when they see a man doing it.

This Prank Video was making for the goal to ” Stop Peeing in Streets/ Public”. This Women Peeing video is went viral in social media like facebook, twitter, instagram. Everyone gets Shocked initially, After that it came up with Message.

Watch the Video of Hot Girl Peed in Public Streets | Shocking Reactions :