Weekend binges as bad as regular junk food

Eating healthy during the week and splurging on junk foods on the weekend may be just as undoing the all the work done during the weekend.

A new research said, Yo-yoing between eating well during the all week and splurging on junk food over the weekend is likely to be just as bad for your good health as a consistent diet of junk.


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Eating well during the week and Eating Junk in the weekends will be bad

The human consists of up to 100 trillion microbial cells that control metabolism, nutrition and immune function. Disruption to the good microbiota has been linked with gastrointestinal conditions like inflammatory bowel disease obesity.

Margaret Morris from University of New South Wales in Australia said that the research was the first to compare how continuous or intermittent experience to an harmful diet can impact the work of the good microbiota.

He added, the findings shows that intermittent exposure to junk food three days a week is sufficient to extensively shift the good microbiota towards the pattern seen in obese rats consuming the diet continuously.

Morris stated a reduction in the diversity of the good microbiota and a loss of some of the beneficial biota is clearly not a good thing for health.

The study examined the impact of yo-yo dieting on the good microbiota of rats. The research team evaluated the profusion of microbiota in rats given continuous access to a healthy diet or junk food with a group between the two diets, four days of healthy food and three days of junk food for 16 weeks.

The study shows that rats on the cycled diet were 18 percent heavier than those on the healthy diet.

The study found that the microbiota of rats was almost same from rats fed even junk diet with both groups microbiota importantly varied from those in the rats with healthy diet.