Why APJ Abdul Kalam Didn’t Married?

The great personality APJ Abdul Kalam is no more and the question arises among the people is,why did kalam ji didn’t marry and here is what kalam answered for the question.

Why APJ Abdul Kalam Didn't Married?
Why APJ Abdul Kalam Didn’t Married?

Paper boy to president Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam was born on 15th october 1931 in Tamilnadu state,rameswaram, Ramanadhapuram District.As kalam was born in poor family he got his first salary by selling tamarind seeds.Kalam got fame even from his primary education,in 1954 kalam got a degree in physics.In 1960 in DRDO kalam started his career.In 1969 he was transferred to ISRO. He spent for about 2 years with dedication for ISRO. He took only two leaves in his job.
Many doubts arises about kalam’s marriage,he is having fame in the society yet why didn’t he married,this is the question asked by everyone. Kalam answered for a men when he asked about his marriage,’It doesn’t happen in my life that’s it’,he replied.Also added,I has five brothers and a sister,what is the loss if the one among them didn’t get married?I support for few of them too.I even be in contact with the family members.I never felt alone at any time,he added.

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