Why did kattappa killed baahubali? Reasons to Know Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali , Wait and See in Baahubali Part 2.did you know that this is the top trending news all over the social media. many of netizens are share this question using some funny photos and captioned it as “why did kattappa killed baahubali. and some where this is captioned as “Question of the year” . some people say below reasons.

Why did kattappa killed baahubali?
Why did kattappa killed baahubali?

Reason that why Did kattappa killed baahubali? :

Especially Telugu fans, who are diehard lovers of films, can’t wait till 2016 to find out the real thing that has happened to Baahubali. And after showing Kattappa so loyal and an epitome of warmth and affection, how could he backstab Baahubali? From Bollywood columns to Tollywood blogs, everyone right now talks about this single question. And this doubt has led to creation of many stories about the second part of the film. Many people led a creative revolution with their imagination as they explained their own story and screenplay for second part.

Reason 1: Baahubali snatched kattappa’s meals plate in his childhood, so he killed baahubali aftr he grow up :p

Reason 2: Prabhas is the reason for satya raj wife’s death in mirchi movie, so he took revenge in baahubali.

These are the top 2 reasons that go viral on social media and make fun of them.

So here is another ROFL About baahubali death.

Some one called to customer care.

Customer Care Employee: How can i help you?

Person: May i know some thing from you?

Customer Care Employee: Oh sure sir, ask me.

Person: Why did kattappa Killed baahubali?
This sure make you smile and fun of them.
Any way we have to wait few days about the real reason about “why did kattappa killed baahubali”until baahubali part 2