Why Freelancing is Best Online Jobs for Indian

Freelancers can work from any corner of the world for the client and at any time, only they need a Computer and related instruments to complete their work. Freelancers are not needed to sit in office and they are paid only for the work or project they complete.

More and more people today are turning towards freelancing as in freelancing you are your own boss, no hectic schedule, no office rivalry and after working few years you earn quite a handsome income.

Jobs like web designing, illustrations, accounting, PDF conversion, report writing, PowerPoint presentations, content writing and variety of jobs are available online for freelancers.

There are websites like Elance.com, Freelancer.com and Odesk.com who provide a platform for freelancers from around the world. On these freelancing sites you can see many Indians offering their services around the world.

Yes, freelancing is a career which can blossom up your life. In a regular office full time job you get fed up after working few years (I mean after the age 40). You get bore due to the monotonous work and feels uncomfortable or stressed with the young talented colleagues.

We Indians mostly don’t take risk and don’t think of starting on our own. Even there are many people in country who has capability to work on their own but still do a full time office job.

The main thing required to work as a freelancer is computer and an internet connection; today most of the Indian houses have both important things. So it’s not a big deal for Indians to work as a freelancer.

Although there are number of online jobs in India other than freelancing but today we are letting you know some of the reasons why freelancing is the best opportunity to earn online.

  1. Flexible job

Urban cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are very crowded and every day’s commuting time towards office depends upon the traffic.

It’s a very hectic schedule; 2-4 hours are wasted in just travelling. Now think if most of Indians will start working as a freelancer what will happen. There will be less traffic outside and you will be giving 100% to the job.

Freelancing is an attractive career option. If you start online job as a Freelancer then you save a lot like travelling time, transportation expenses, lunch expenses and other work related expenses.

Also while working as a freelancer you can choose your own work timings, no meetings, no distraction due to colleagues in between work. Also you will get paid for the work you do and you will be more satisfied due to the work you do.

  1. Follow your passion

While doing the full time office job you work as per the employer instructions, even if you have an idea it may be implemented sometimes but not every time. You can’t develop your skills your passion. But in freelancing you can pursue your passion.

You can work as per your ideas definitely there is a growth in yourself due to freelancing. In freelancing you can choose or you can find new career options. In full time job you just work on project assigned, you don’t try new things or something out of box which will grow your career.

For example if a creative graphic designer wants to design as per his thoughts it’s not accepted by the employer or the senior. But in freelancing profession the designer can choose own clients and has full freedom to showcase the creativeness or skills.

  1. Building own reputation

In freelancing you earn quite a handsome income but side by side you work directly with the client. You get the opportunity to build your own reputation, client list and grow. Whereas in the full time job you can’t build your own reputation.

You just work and you get paid for the work done but no reputation in market or no own identity in market.

In earlier days of freelancing you may find it difficult to convince client and let the work done. But once you start increasing your client list and once you become expert, getting the business will not be difficult task.

  1. More Income

If you have spare time in day to day life other than the office timings or if you are working as a part timer then also you can start working as a freelancer. Freelancing will be like a side income for you.

Later on you can convert to as a full time freelancer. In an office job there is a fixed increment or the appraisal depends upon your performance. But in freelancing you work sincerely and you get well paid for the work done.

  1. Job security

In freelancing it depends upon you how much you can earn and how much time to devote towards the job. In office job there is no job security and you can be fired anytime.

In freelancing or any other online job there is no tension of getting fired you have to work hard to get new projects. Only discipline, time management and good performance are required to remain as a secured freelancer.

  1. No Boss

If you don’t like working under some under someone then freelancing is the best option for you. In freelancing you are your own boss. You don’t have to care about or get worried about the seniors or the boss.

You can complete the work as per your convenience and can schedule the delivery of the project as per your timing. In office job if you are late or want to leave early office you have to give excuses to boss, but in freelancing no boss and no excuses.

Remember to become successful freelancer you have to be sincere and well-disciplined. You should be able to manage your time properly and you have to do a lot of hard work. In freelancing if you work seriously then only you are going to get the payment.

So you can see how freelancing is one of the best online jobs where you can earn income depending on your capability.