Lahore, Pakisthan : The former Pakistan Foreign Minister said that, Sonia Gandhi married Rajiv because he was a “handsome young man” said Khurshid Kasuri. The Kasuri mentioned in his new book ‘Neither A Hawk Nor A Dove’ while he is talking about the President Pervez Musharraf’s 2005 visit to India.

Why Sonia Gandhi Married Rajiv Gandhi ? Reason Says By Ex-Pak FM

Why Sonia Gandhi Married Rajiv Gandhi ? Reason Says By Ex-Pak FM :

The former Pakistan Minister also said some more interesting points about this issue. When I asked Sohail who this young man was, he whispered to me that his name was Rajiv and that he was the grandson of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,” Kasuri writes. “The moment Sonia heard me refer to Rajiv as a handsome young man, she broke into a broad smile and said ‘That is why I married him’,” Kasuri says.

Another interesting event takes pleace during the 2005 visit, the former foreign minister writes about the last one-day match between India and Pakistan in Delhi. He says that “when we arrived at the Ferozeshah Kotla Ground, Sonia Gandhi and Foreign Minister Natwar Singh were already present.” “In that match Shahid Afridi is in full swing. The shots played by him were aimed in our direction. Foreign Minister Singh light-heartedly commented, ‘Aap Afridi ko bhee apnay sath hee lai jaen’ (Its better to take Afridi back home with you),” Kasuri writes.