Xiaomi’s Mi Online Store Launches in US on June 1 at 7 pm. The China Start up company Xiaomi is going to launch their online site in America name Mi.com.

Xiaomi's Mi Online Store Launches in US on June 1
Image Credits – AndroidCentral

Xiaomi’s Mi Online Store Launches in US on June 1

Xiaomi’s Mi Online Store, a start up company of China which is very famous in selling the Smart Phones and other accessories with a low price. This time they have planned to launch their online store in USA on June 1 at 7 PM. The company however, very familiar in India now decided to make their launch in US. The China start up company which won’t sell any smart phones or tablets in the US online store. They only sell the accessories in their site Mi.com.

The Xiaomi not only planned to make their launch in US, but also in UK, Germany and France on June 2. The Mi just want to sell their gadgets and accessories in all those countries. The Xiaomi said, it will sell their Mi head phones at $79.99, 5000 mAh Powerbank for $9.99, 10000 mAh power bank for $13.99, and Mi band fitness tracker for $14.99. Compared to the US cheapest product sold by Jawbone, the cheap fitness band tracker starts at $49.99.

The products will go on sale from Monday at 10 PM on US and Tuesday in other countries. The company is providing all the gadgets and accessories for a low price. This Start up might become a nightmare for the other popular companies in US, UK, German and France. Because the Mi got so much success in a country like India. So they got confidence that they can easily get on in the other countries also.

Xiaomi made his decision to make a way in America in the month of February only. However, the company is just five years old, giving a tough competition to its contenders like Samsung, Apple etc. The company should wait for some more time to know their fate in those Western countries.